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What Does Wahhaabee Mean?

What Does Wahhaabee Mean?

It is the habit of the people that they label as "Wahhaabee" every one who opposes their customs, beliefs and innovations, even if these beliefs are corrupt, in opposition to the Noble Qur'aan, the authentic narrations of the Prophet (Sallaa Allaahu 'alaihi wa Sallam) and especially if they call to Tawheed and supplicating to Allaah alone.

I was reading to a particular Shaikh the hadeeth of Ibn 'Abbaas in Al-Arba'een An-Nawawee, which was the saying of the Prophet (Sallaa Allaahu 'alaihi wa Sallam), "When you ask, then ask Allaah and when you seek help, then seek help from Allaah alone." [Hasan; At-Tirmidhee].I was so amazed by the explanation of Imaam An-Nawawee when he said, "Then, if there is a need which one asks for (not dealing in the habit
that his people are accustomed to) such as requested guidance, knowledge, cure from disease and obtaining forgiveness, then he asks his Lord for these things. As for asking the creation and depending upon them, then it is blameworthy."

So I said to the Shaikh, "This hadeeth and its explanation shows it is not permissible in seeking help from other than Allaah." He said to me: "But is is allowed." So I said, "What is your evidence?"

The Shaikh became annoyed and shouted angrily, saying: "Verily my aunt used to say, 'Oh Shaikh Sa'd (and he was buried in his masjid and she used to seek help from him)', so I said to her, 'Oh my aunt, does Shaikh Sa'd benefit you?' She replied, 'I call upon him, so he intercedes for me, He then cures me!'"

So I said to him, "Indeed, you are a learned man, your age has passed away in reading books and then you take your 'Aqeedah from your ignorant aunt?" He said to me, "You have Wahhaabee ideas and you have been on 'Umrah and brought back the books of the Wahhaabees."

I did not know anything about the Wahhaabees, except what I had heard from the scholars, who used to say about them: "The Wahhaabees are different from the people, they do not believe in the Awliyaa, their
mircales and they do not love the Messenger", and other false accusations. So, I said to myself, "If the Wahhaabees believe in seeking help only from Allaah alone and that the only Curer is Allaah alone, then it is obligatory that I find out about them." I asked about their gatherings and I was told that they have a place where they meet on Thursday evenings, to give lessons in Tafseer, Hadeeth and Fiqh. So, I went to them with my children and some of the educated youth and we entered a big room and we sat waiting for the lesson. After a while, an old man entered the room. He gave us the Salaam and shook everyone's hand, starting from his right, then he sat on a chair and no one stood up for him. So, I said to myself, "This Shaikh is humble, he did not make it necessary for people to stand up for him." The Shaikh began his lesson by saying, "Verily, all praise is due to Allaah, we praise Him and we seek His help and we seek His forgiveness...", until the end of the Khutbah, with which the Messenger (Sallaa Allaahu 'alaihi wa Sallam) used to open his speeches and sermons. Then he began to speak in 'Arabic and narrated Hadeeth and clarified their authenticity and their reporters and he sent prayers upon the Prophet (Sallaa Allaahu 'alaihi wa Sallam) when he mentioned his name. Finally, questions directed to him were written on pieces of paper, so he answered them with proof from the Qur'aan and the Sunnah.,He continued to discuss with some of those present and did not decline any questions. He said at the end of his lesson, "All praise is due to Allaah that we are Muslims and Salafees (following the way of the Pious Predecessors; i.e. the Sahaabah) and some people say we are Wahhaabees and this is an insult by using nicknames and verily Allaah has prohibited us from this, in His Saying :
"Do not insult by nicknames." .

In the past, they accused Imaam Ash-Shaafi'ee of Rafd, so he refuted them saying:

"If Rafd is loving the family of Muhammad, then the humans and Jinn witness I am a Raafidee."

We refute whoever insults us with Wahhaabee by the saying of one poet:

"If the follower of the Prophet is a Wahhaabee, then I affirm that I am a Wahhaabee."

When he finished, we left with some of the youth, amazed by his knowledge and his humility, and I heard one of them say, "He is truly a Shaikh."

Meaning of Wahhaabee:

The enemies of Tawheed apply the nickname, "Wahhaabee", to every believer in the Oneness of Allaah. The word, "Wahhaabee", is actually an ascription to Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Wahhaab and if they were truthful, they would have said, "Muhammadee", an ascription to his name Muhammad and Allaah has willed that Wahhaabee be an ascription to Al-Wahhaab (The Giver), which is a name from the Perfect Names of Allaah.

So, since Soofee is an ascription to a group who wear wool, then Wahhaabee is an ascription to Al-Wahhaab and He is Allaah, the One Who has given him the blessing of Tawheed and He strengthens whoever calls to it.

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